TagMatiks Wedge - iOS Help

Using the Find Item Feature


When an RFID handheld reads an RFID tag, it receives back an RSSI (receiving strength signal indicator) value. This value can be used to approximate the distance that the RFID handheld is away from the specified RFID tag (and thus the associated item or asset)

• Click on the Menu > Inventory.

• This will show you the Pending Inventory List. Once you start doing Inventories, they will show up here.

• To invoke the find item option, on the Inventory Scan page, swipe right to left on the desired RFID tag. Then click on the green eye icon. This will navigate you to the Find Asset page.

Figure 1:Selct the Inventory
Figure 2:Find Item option

• Depending on the RFID device that you are using, you can either use the physical button / trigger on the RFID device or Start / Stop button on the screen.

Figure 3:Geiger Counter started
Figure 4:Geiger Counter Idle state