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Using the Shockwatch RFID Sensor (Impact)


This section of the article describes using the Shockwatch impact tag and finding the status of it.


Shockwatch Tag with RFID Enabled

Impact Sensor Tag

Shockwatch RFID tags are used for items damaged by impact in the supply chain process. The sensitive range of these tags are 5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G.

Below is the selection guide for identifying tags for your need.

Shockwatch RFID Tag selection guide

In Tagmatiks Wedge for identifying the status of the Shockwatch RFID Tags. You need to configure it in Filter Configuration.

For this used to navigate to Filter Configuration by selecting Menu -> Application Configuration -> Filters.

Then click on the dropdown below Sensor Types.

From that select Sensor Type as Impact Detection, then save the configuration by clicking on the save button in the navigation configuration.

This will complete the Filter Configuration. Next you need to navigate to the inventory screen.

In the inventory screen, click on Scan to scan the tags, after that any one of the scanned tags. It will display the status of the impact tag in the sensor type section.