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Setting up Your RFID Device - Zebra RFD8500


This section contains setup information for using the Zebra RFD8500 sled RFID readers with TagMatiks Wedge.

Please see the RFD8500 User Manual for complete understanding of these readers.

  • You must have a charged Zebra RFD8500 RFID reader to continue to setup steps.
Figure 01: RFD8500 Reader

For connecting with Zebra RFD8500 in TagMatiks Wedge, you must pair the device in settings app using Bluetooth.

Please follow the steps below to pair your RFD8500 reader:

Step 1: Turn ON the Reader

Press the Power Button to turn the RFD8500 ON. Hold the Power Button for three Seconds to turn the RFD8500 OFF.

Figure 02: RFD8500 Reader Commands

Feature Description

Figure 03: RFD8500 Reader Views
Step 2: Bluetooth Pair the RFD8500 to your iPhone or iPad.

You’ll need to pair the reader to your iPhone or iPad device using the iOS Bluetooth pairing process prior to using it with TagMatiks Wedge.

Go to the Bluetooth settings page, select the “RFD8500” Device.

Pairing with iPhone:

Search for the RFD8500 and select the desired device from the available device list. Pull the RFD8500 trigger to pair (you will see the LED start blinking faster on the Bluetooth button). A beep sounds when pairing completes successfully.

Be sure that the reader is still awake and has not timed out.

• Open TagMatiks Wedge and select Manage Readers by tapping on the upper left corner of the screen.

• Select the Zebra reader from the Select Reader list. Also, in the Manage Readers will display the available Reader(s).

• List of recently paired RFID readers can also be seen under the Recently Connected Reader(s) section.

• Once the RFD8500 is connected, the application will show the Reader information on the Reader Settings Page.

The Reader Settings has the following options :

  • Antenna Power (dBm) : Adjusts the range of the RFID handheld or sled.
  • Battery - displays the battery of the RFID handheld or sled.
  • Beeper Volume - Adjusts the volume level of the beeper to Low , Medium or High.

NOTE: Toggle the Auto Reconnect option to let the application automatically connect to the reader.