TagMatiks Wedge - iOS Help

Inventory Data View Configuration


As RFID data is collected with the help of TagMatiks Wedge application, there is much information about the tag which is received by the application. This article guides on selecting the desired inventory fields which you want to view according to the use case.


The RFID reader must be connected with the application to take the inventory.

Steps to Configure Inventory Data View

• Open TagMatiks Wedge Application on your iOS device and tap on the upper left corner of the screen.

• Select Application Configuration.

• Select Inventory View Configuration.

• From the drop-down menu select the information which you want to see in the field like you can select from the System Fields or Reference Fields.

Note: Reference fields are those fields which are present in the reference file (xlsx, csv etc) uploaded in TagMatiks Wedge.

Note: Field 1 is selected as EPC by default.

Note: You can now also view the EPC in Hex and ASCII format depending on the user requirement

• Select all the fields and click on Save.

• To take the inventory; press the “+” button on the bottom of the screen.

• Press the Scan Button to start the Inventory and once the inventory is done press the stop button and the tag details with desired attributes will be displayed as shown in the image below