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Find the RFID Chip Type


One of the memory banks of a UHF (RAIN) RFID Chip is the TID memory bank. The TID memory bank is a factory encoded value that includes the manufacturer and chip model for that specific RFID Tag.

• TagMatiks Wedge includes a feature that enables users to scan one or more RFID tags and determine the manufacturer and chip type.

• To enable this feature, go to Application Configuration and Filters. Under Memory Banks, enable the TID option.

Figure 1:TID Filter
Figure 2: TID Filter with Manufacturer

• If you only want to read tags from a specific manufacturer or chip model, then you can choose the chip manufacturer and model filters.

• To see the chip manufacturer and model, conduct an Inventory Scan and click on an RFID tag to view the chip manufacturer and model.

Figure 3:TID Filter with Model
Figure 4:Tag Details with Chip Type