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Find the RFID Chip Type


One of the memory banks of a UHF (RAIN) RFID Chip is the TID memory bank. The TID memory bank is a factory encoded value that includes the manufacturer and chip model for that specific RFID Tag.

TagMatiks Wedge includes a feature that enables users to scan one or more RFID tags and determine the manufacturer and chip type.

To enable this feature, go to Application Configuration and Filters. Under Memory Banks, enable the TID option.

Figure 1:TID Filter
Figure 2: TID Filter with Manufacturer

If you only want to read tags from a specific manufacturer or chip model, then you can choose the chip manufacturer and model filters.

To see the chip manufacturer and model, conduct an Inventory Scan and click on an RFID tag to view the chip manufacturer and model.

Figure 3:TID Filter with Model
Figure 4:Tag Details with Chip Type