TagMatiks Wedge - iOS Help

Using Kill Tag Feature in TagMatiks Wedge


This article covers the step-by-step process to kill / disable the tag using TagMatiks Wedge Application in iOS.

  • RFID reader should be connected with the iOS device.
  • Kill password of the tag should be non- zero.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to kill the tag in TagMatiks Wedge Application

• Open the TagMatiks Wedge application and login into it.

• Tap on the upper left corner of the screen and select application configuration.

• Tap on the Advanced Menu.

• In the Advanced menu, enter the kill password of the tag which you wish to disable and tap on save button to save the changes you have made.

Note: The kill password of the tag should be non-zero. Like for example here it is 12345678. If the kill password is not set on the RFID label, then you choose the option under the Set Kill Password and set the password there as well.

• An acknowledgement will appear stating Configuration Saved Successfully.

• Tap on the Upper left corner of the screen and tap on inventory.

• Tap on the + icon on the bottom right side of the screen to start an inventory.

• Once the inventory has started, all scanned tags will populate on the screen as shown below. Swipe left on the tag you want to kill / disable.

• Tap on the last blue tag icon to kill/disable the tag.

• The application will confirm whether to kill/disable the tag. Select Yes to continue.