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Inventory Reports


This article describes how to generate an Inventory report. It can also generate reports by using filters and export the data as per your selected file format.

Generate a report:

In settings, select reports then it redirected to the list of the available reports. Here, select the inventory report.

Click view to generate an inventory report. Generated data will be displayed on their respective fields. Based on your needs we have the option to display the names of the column by enabling/disable the fields in column chooser. And also we provide a search option to find out the data.

Figure 01:Inventory Reports
Generate a report using the filter:

When you view the assets reports, you can apply filters to view your data that you want to see. We have different options for filtering the reports. Select any of the followings listed below and click view to generate the report

  • Inventory Status (Matched / Missing / Misplaced)
  • Asset Type
  • Asset Category
  • Part Master
  • Location
Figure 01: Apply filter for Inventory Reports
Export Data:
File Format:
  • Reports can be exported based on the selected file format in the configuration
  • After enabling the “Allow user to select format” in the configuration we have the option to select the file format on the transaction report page.

Export file formats are displayed below:

  • Export as Text
  • Export as CSV
  • Export via Share Activity

By Clicking export on the inventory report page you can export all data in the selected file format. After we generate the data you have an option to export the data by selecting the export icon, here we can only export the displayed data on the selected file format.