Frequently Asked Questions

What data does TagMatiks Wedge collect?

TagMatiks Wedge collects RFID tag data (including the ability to read different memory banks), GPS data (if the devices supports) as well as meta data about the inventory.

Is TagMatiks Wedge able to work offline?

Yes, TagMatiks Wedge can be used offline for data collection.

Can I use TagMatiks Wedge with multiple RFID handhelds?

TagMatiks Wedge runs directly on a mobile device or supported RFID handheld so you would have one license per RFID device

What applications should I use TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge is designed for applications where you need to collect RFID data with an RFID handheld and feed it directly into an existing system.

What RFID readers are supported by TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge supports most industry leading RFID handhelds and sleds. New device continue to be added frequently. Please contact us for the list of the latest supported devices.

What is OS version is required to install and use TagMatiks Wedge?

The required OS version for Android should be 6.0 and above and for iOS should be 11.0 and above.

I find a difference in physical inventory and counted inventory using TagMatiks Wedge?

This may happen because of various reasons like proximity, placement of tags or encoding of tags. However, you can set the Antenna Power to Max and try reading again to achieve the best results.

I see there is a new released Android version of TagMatiks Wedge, and it prompts me an error while
installing it?

Please try clearing cache of your mobile device and try the updated version. Please reach out to us with an error screenshot if the issue persists.

Does TagMatiks Wedge Support an API?

Yes, TagMatiks Wedge supports a RESTful API as JSON and XML to export inventory. Please see the article, Export Inventory Using API Section E “Export Inventory using Restful API as JSON and XML” for more details.

Can TagMatiks Wedge collect Barcode data from the reader's 2D imager?

TagMatiks Wedge is designed to collect RFID. At this time, there is no option for barcode scanning. We have different enterprise applications which do barcode capabilities. Please reach out to us for any specific requirements.

What are the benefits of using TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge helps organizations improve inventory management by taking the inventory easily, faster & accurate. It also not only reduces manual labor and increase operational efficiency but also allow you to integrate RFID data into your existing software systems.

What is the cost of a license for single RFID Device?

It is $99 for license for a single RFID device.

How does TagMatiks Wedge improve inventory management?

TagMatiks Wedge improves inventory management by allowing organizations to capture real-time data on inventory levels and locations. This data can be used to track inventory throughout the supply chain, identify inefficiencies, and make better decisions about ordering, restocking, and inventory control.

Can TagMatiks Wedge be used with existing software systems?

TagMatiks Wedge can be used as a standalone software or can be used to send data to existing software systems.

Does TagMatiks Wedge Supports UHF (RAIN) RFID?

Yes, TagMatiks Wedge supports RAIN RFID technology and allows users to track and manage assets using RAIN RFID tags and readers. Please see our Blog RAIN RFID

What type of Knowledge resources are available for TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks wedge provides online resources in form of Videos, Quick Start Guides and Articles on TagMatiks Wedge

In which format the Reference File can be imported in TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge supports either CSV or XLSX format for reference file.

Can I export my inventory?

Yes, TagMatiks Wedge allows you to export the Inventory in various formats like Text, CSV, PDF including share activity and using API. Please see the article here for more details Export Config

Can I import multiple reference file at the same time?

TagMatiks Wedge Supports Single Reference File Import at time. Please check out the link for more details about reference file.

What happens if I import a new reference file if one already exists?

The existing reference file is replaced by the new one and new header mappings need to be done with respect to the new reference file.

What is the difference between TagMatiks Wedge & TagMatiks AT Lite?

TagMatiks Wedge is a simple RFID inventory collection solution through which the RFID inventory can be done and exported .TagMatiks AT Lite is a low cost RFID asset tracking for organizations that have a limited number of assets or want to just use a single RFID device. Please visit TagMatiks AT Lite for TagMatiks AT Lite and TagMatiks Wedge. for TagMatiks Wedge.

What languages does TagMatiks Wedge support?

For Android : TagMatiks Wedge currently supports English only.
For iOS : TagMatiks Wedge supports multiple languages including English, Chinese, Japanese & Spanish.

What happens when two tags having the same EPC are read in TagMatiks Wedge?

If identical RFID tags (having the same EPC) are detected by TagMatiks Wedge they will be read as one tag and the same will be displayed in the application.

What is Read Count in TagMatiks Wedge?

Read Count shows the number of times a single tag is read by the reader during the inventory workflow