Frequently Asked Questions

What data does TagMatiks Wedge collect?

TagMatiks Wedge collects RFID tag data (including the ability to read different memory banks), GPS data (if the devices supports) as well as meta data about the inventory.

Is TagMatiks Wedge able to work offline?

Yes, TagMatiks Wedge can be used offline for data collection.

Can I use TagMatiks Wedge with multiple RFID handhelds?

TagMatiks Wedge runs directly on a mobile device or supported RFID handheld so you would have one license per RFID device

What applications should I use TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge is designed for applications where you need to collect RFID data with an RFID handheld and feed it directly into an existing system.

What RFID readers are supported by TagMatiks Wedge?

TagMatiks Wedge supports most industry leading RFID handhelds and sleds. New device continue to be added frequently. Please contact us for the list of the latest supported devices.